I have been designing and making my own clothes since my late teens when I was unable to buy ready-made clothes from the high street which were dramatic, theatrical, alternative with a goth/punk influence. I realised there was a demand for alternative men's clothing and my newly formed clothing company, Supernal, catered for this gap in the market. That was in 2002, in 2009 I relocated to Berlin and continued to design and manufacture stagewear and costumes for a specialised fringe market of street performers, musicians and actors as well as a clothing range for everyday wear. 
Studying theatre and costume design at degree level seemed like a natural progression to utilise my skills and channel them into a more mainstream setting. 

In recent years my work has been influenced by my travels, the people, countryside, architecture, and new experiences.
Having completed my degree I am about to move again, this time to a flat/studio on the south coast from where I plan to work as a freelance creator of costumes, set and props for theatre and film.